How Shall We Then Live? Asbury Outpouring, Humilty, Hunger, Holiness and Hope

Mar. 16, 2023 at 9:25 a.m. MDT

Join Kathy Klassen and Doug Balzer as they discuss observations of what God is doing in this day, referencing prophetic words, the reKindle Trend Tracker and the recent outpouring at Asbury University. To access the free, downloadable reKindle Trend Tracker go to and click on “futurenow.”

Kathy Klassen, serves as the Director of Relational and Spiritual Vitality (ECD) as well as a reKindle Associate. She is a catalyst for the deeper life as she helps other journey from disillusionment, disengagement and distraction into the vibrant, abundant life Jesus promised.

Doug Balzer, serves as Director of reKindle and as Spiritual Renewal Catalyst. Much of his time is given to equipping church leaders towards healthy souls, ministering in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, equipping in ministries of healing and deliverance.